Singer Nikitha Gandhi, who has hooked the public with her songs, joined us for a fun chat as a part of NewsX India A-List. As part of the exclusive conversation, the singer talked about the response she has been receiving on her latest songs, her experience of working in the industry, and much more.

Talking about her recent song in Kangana Ranut’s Dhakad, she said, “It is the first time, I am singing for herz I have been fan of her work and her acting since Queen. This song just kind of happened. Baacha, he just messaged me and said we need to do another track together. He just randomly sent me the song and told me that i would be singing for Kangana. It just kinda like fell into place and it was awesome. I think the video is killer and I am so happy to be part of it. “

We also asked her about her experience in singing for the OTT platform show ‘Modern Love’, to which she said. ” Firstly, I think I want to say that, I am really happy that Amazon Prime is promoting the music. I think a lot of great music gets lost on OTT. We are in a transition period where more OTT happening but the music is in confused space. It is not reaching the streaming platform. There is so much good music that has come through OTT but it’s not really got its true due, in terms of the audience being able to consume that music. They have made videos for each song with us and with the montages of the show. I think that’s one of the reasons i love being part of this. The second reason is of course Ram Sampath. I am a big fan of his music and I am so glad that I finally got that tick on my bucket list.”

When asked her about a song that has been a game changer for her, she expressed, “Every song has its own significance in my journey. Just to answer your question, the game changer, hands down, was Jugnu. It blew up and how. It empowered non-film music. It didn’t have any film attached to it. It had a different sound. It wasn’t a typical Badshah song. I think it was a game-changer for him, the industry, and me. I am so happy that I got it. I think it was a game-changer. in general. I am excited to be a part of it again as an industry game-changer. So yeah, Jugnu hands down. “