Reports suggest that the Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is now increasing its troops in the northern region after suffering defeat at the hands of Indian soldiers in the southern area of Pangong Lake in eastern Ladakh. New construction is also underway and means of transportation are being collected.

The northern part of Pangong is divided into eight different finger areas. Chinese soldiers are registering presence around Finger 4 and constructions are underway between Finger Five and Finger Eight.

The deployment of Indian troops is currently focused at critical heights (elevations) in the Finger area on the northern side of Pangong Lake in eastern Ladakh. Chinese soldiers are stationed there on the peak of Finger-4. According to sources, the Indian Army has currently occupied a position there which is higher than Finger-4. A senior security officer told The Daily Guardian, “We are now stationed in our own area at such heights that also dominate Finger-4.”

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The Indian Army has deployed wire optical in its area on the heights on which Indian soldiers are stationed in the south bank of Pangong Lake. India has given strict warning to the Chinese soldiers not to try to cross this barricade.

Chinese soldiers came close to it on Monday evening and tried to remove the barricades, after which the Indian soldiers issued a strict warning and said that if the Chinese troops don’t go back, there will be serious consequences. The Chinese were warned that the Indian Army could take any action, after which Chinese troops fired in the air and tried to pressurise the Indian soldiers. But after a stern warning from Indian soldiers, the soldiers were forced to retreat.

China is trying to put pressure on India by deploying tanks. China has deployed around 15-20 tanks near the Spangur Gap on the south side of Pangong Lake. The officer said that China is acting in this manner and assuming that this will put pressure on the Indian soldiers. But the Indian Army is fully prepared to deal with every situation.

Talking to The Daily Guardian, a senior security official said that China has deployed around 5,000- 7,000 soldiers in its Moldo area opposite the Chushul sector. “They are constantly conducting a build up there.

Keeping in mind the same, the Indian Army has prepared as much as them and we are not lacking in anything. The Chinese build-up is visible from the heights where the Indian Army is stationed there and every action of China can be monitored.”

According to sources, the PLA is gathering troops from across the country on the border. This includes air defence personnel, bombers, special forces personnel, armoured vehicles, artillery, paratroopers, infantry units, etc. According to the Chinese government mouthpiece Global Times, analysts in the neighbouring country said the move shows the PLA’s ability and determination to protect the country’s sovereignty and territorial integrity. H-6 bombers and Y-20 large transport aircraft attached to the PLA Central Theatre Command Air Force have been deployed in the plateau area for training missions.

Indian Army sources told that India and China on Wednesday held Brigade Commander level talks in Chushul from 11 am to 3 pm.

The two sides have also broadly agreed on holding Corps Commander level talks for which the date, modalities and agenda are yet to be finalised. But as far as India is concerned, this time the country is fully deployed on the LAC and the Indian Army is given the complete command to act as per the requirement.

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